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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Why I am loving Walgreens...

Our tiny little town got a brand spankin' new Walgreens a few weeks ago, and I've been slowly catching on to their 'system,' figuring out where the deals are and how to work them. So far, I've been rocking it!

Here's how it started:

I transferred a prescription from the CVS across the street (sorry, CVS, you've been great) and was rewarded with a $25 gift card to Walgreens! And not only did I get the $25 gift card, but with my receipt printed out a $3 off a $15 purchase. So, just for trasnferring a prescription (that I desperately needed, thanks to my ever-present nausea) I got $28 to use at Walgreens!

It turns out that MoneySavingMom had posted a deal that Walgreen's was running on Huggies wipes. So I figured, I have $28, let's see what I can get without paying anything out of pocket. I ended up only paying $0.09. Yes, that is nine pennies. And who doesn't have nine pennies weighing down their purse?!

Here is what I got, in list form (I so desperately wish I had taken a photo of my haul):

One 3-pack of paper towels
One deoderant
Two boxes of Band-Aids
FOUR tubs of Huggies Wipes (70 count each box)
One large refill pack of Huggies Wipes (216 count)

And I paid nine cents! Not only that, but I got $1 register reward for buying the deoderant, and $4 register reward for buying the Band-Aids. And I still had my $3 off a $15 purchase that I didn't use. I paid nine cents out of pocket, and walked away with $8 to use on my next purchase.

Which, in turn, I bought MORE wipes with. On my second trip, I bought two more tubs of wipes and one more large refill pack, and paid $3 out of pocket.

Today, I went back to Walgreens, and guessed it. More wipes! I did buy other things, too, that generated rewards, so I have $6 to use next time I go, to buy...more...wipes...

Here is a picture of my haul of wipes (minus one box we've already opened):

Here's how I got them so cheap:

Huggies tubs are $2.79 each. Walgreens has a store coupon out for $2 each tub/pack of Huggies wipes, and you can use that coupon as many times as you want. So, the tubs went from $2.79 to $0.79. THEN, I had coupons for $0.75 off, which brought two of my tubs of wipes down to $0.04 each. Many thanks to Aunt Tracy for those two coupons!! I had four more coupons for $0.50 off, which brought four of the tubs down to $0.29 each. The large refill packs were on sale for $6.99, minus the $2 Walgreens coupons, were $4.99...a steal! I did also get two tubs of Pampers wipes for $1 each.
All in all, I paid anywhere from $0.04 to $4.99 for the wipes, a bargain, hands down!
I know some of you think I went overboard, but seriously, I'm going to be needing wipes for at least the next three years, so why not?? I did it legally, and didn't clean out the store, I bought them a little at a time, so that other people could benefit too. I've heard stories (true ones!) of women who have asked the manager to bring out all the wipes they had in the back, and bought them all. Which isn't fair to everyone else. And that's all I have to say about that!!