Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring is Springing!

Today was so nice, and I hear tomorrow is supposed to be even nicer. We took the kids outside for a little fresh air this afternoon. We spread out a big quilt under the shade tree in the front yard. Andrew played with his rice box, and Emily lounged. I took turns taking pictures, staring at my beautiful children, and snoozing. Here are a few photos of the afternoon.

Monday, March 15, 2010

These Days

She's the image of me at this age!

Sleeping in Andrew's bed during story time. So sweet! I'll bet when they grow up they won't ever get this close to each other, on purpose, again...

Favorite time, bath time! Andrew is properly censored, if you'll notice, with his Toy Story bucket.

She's happiest in the bath tub. Check out that huuuuuuge belly. She doesn't look like a 6 week old infant, does she?!

My family...not sure how you get a baby to look at the camera, but hey. "two out of three ain't bad."

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Happy One Month, Little One!

I. Can. Not. Believe. It.

Emily is a month old today. Y'all, this hurts me! And yet, I'm also thrilled that we, well, mainly I, survived it, with minimal scarring. I'm sad that the first month has come and gone, but at the same time, we're one month closer to: sleeping through the night, sitting up, rice cereal, the first smile, and real human interaction. The babies don't do a whole lot of 'give' for the first few weeks, they're all about 'take.'

I've made it my goal this time around to not 'wish' her little life away. By that I mean, I don't want to put all my energy into the 'can't wait til she can do ___.' I want to enjoy the now, without being distracted by what's to come in the future. I feel like I did so much of that with Andrew, that I wanted to make an honest, conscious effort this time.

So, in honor of the Little Miss' Birthday, here are some photos of her on her 'throne', i.e. the recliner. Hey, wherever she sleeps, is where she sleeps....

**A disclaimer for those of you (Mom...) who are thinking, "You left a baby in the recliner?!" She was in the back corner, wedeged in with pillows (nowhere near her face, mind you), AND I put the footrest up, so the seat was tilted so far back that the only way she could fall out is if she suddenly gained control of her head, gained control of her back, gained enough muscle in her arms and stomach to lift herself, and suddenly learned to crawl. So please don't call DFACS on me.