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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Monday, May 11, 2009

School Pictures

Here's Andrew's school pictures from Mother's Morning Out. They're cute. He's a little camera shy.

All photos are by Melissa Douglas of Capturing Angels Photography.

Oh What a Weekend!

The Poultry Festival has come and gone. Sad. We made the most of it, and we're sad to see it go, but it's a whirlwind when it's here!

Thursday night we took Andrew down the street (literally) to see the carnival rides, just to check them out to see if there was anything Andrew could ride. And yes, there was. There was a cute little carousel just for kids, that Andrew enjoyed. But the crowning moment was when Andrew spotted...drumroll please...a choo-choo. Just. For. Him.
Since we weren't really prepared to spend the whole evening riding rides (and buying tickets) we let him ride the carousel and the choo-choo once, with the promise that his Nana and his Mimi would both let him ride more during the weekend. In fact, I called my mom (Nana) and told her she'd better bring her piggy bank! Nana and Bampa came over Friday night and took us all down to let Andrew ride some more "choo-choo, peas." He rode that choo choo more times that I can count. In fact, the last couple times, when the attendant came to unbuckle him, Andrew pushed his hand away and said, "NO!" to the poor guy. I had to drag him kicking and screaming. He was way overtired and way overstimulated (I mean, Nana AND a choo-choo, in one night?!)

Saturday morning Mimi and Terry came down for the day, just in time for the parade. Nana, Mimi, Andrew, and I walked down the street to watch the parade, then ran home to watch it again, as it went past our house. We had a nice little cookout, and spent some good time with our family and friends!

Andrew in between Nana and Mimi...every little boy's dream!

Andrew and Mimi waving at Cocky, the South Carolina Gamecock Mascot.

Riding the Carousel with Mimi.

We love the Poultry Festival, and look forward to it each year. But man, when't its over, we're glad. It'll wear a soul out!

How do I love CVS? Let me count the ways...

So lately I've been realizing just what a gold mine CVS can be. Once you get the deals rolling, they just get better! It my last CVS deal, I ended up with $9 in extra bucks. Well, CVS emailed me a $5 off a $30 purchase coupon for Mother's Day! So this meant that I had $14 in CVS money to spend. And here's the fantastic deals I got!

5 Coke 12-packs: 13.00 (buy 4 for 13.00 get 1 free)
Crest Enamel Sheild Mouthwash: 3.49
Scott Paper Towels, 8-pack (2 of these!): 9.98
2 CVS hand sanitizer: 1.93
2 Orbit Gum: 1.98

I had these coupons:
$1 off Scott paper towels (times 2)
$1 Crest mouthwash
$1 off Coke
$9 in extra bucks
$5 off $30

My grand total: $12.48
And, I have $2 extra bucks to use for this deal:

Ragu Spaghetti Sauce, 3 for $5...spend $10, get $3 in extra bucks.
So I got six jars, for $10, used my $2 extra bucks, and paid: $8 for six jars of Ragu!
And have $3 in extra bucks to use next week!

* Apparently we do have a Coke addiction. Last week I bought all that Coke, and now I added five more 12-packs...ah, well, it was my target price!
** And yes, we do use that much Ragu. Andrew eats the mess out of some spaghetti, so we make it once a week.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Carnies Are Here!

And no, we're not in Deliverance.

It's the Poultry Festival! Before you laugh, let me explain...

In South Carolina, every town (no matter how small) has a festival. Our town has the Poultry Festival, Irmo has the Okra Strut, Salley has the Chitlin' Strut, Gilbert has the Peach Festival, etc... Apparently its a large source of income for these small towns to have these festivals. Ours happens to be the Poultry Festival because of the chicken farms and feed mills in our area. (Yes, we are very rural).

It's a big stinkin' deal. Everybody in town decorates their yards with chickens and roosters (not live ones!) It's the one time of year you can count on even the shadiest (not as in shade trees, as in "scary") houses to have their grass cut. And its the ONLY time of year that our dear neighbor Gene shaves his face. Ever. So you can see what a big deal it is!

Our town of about 5,000 people grows to a population of over 45,000 in one day. That's enough people to fill half of Jordan-Hare. (And for all you "Dawg" people, that's Auburn's stadium). There is a parade in the morning, that goes right in front of our house. I just love it. It's so insanely Southern. We all sit on the front porch in the rocking chairs, under the ferns, with the porch railing draped in American flag bunting, waving at the Little Miss Poultry Festival as she rides by in her 1969 Ford Mustang, sipping our sweet tea.

The next street over from ours is Main Street, where all the "stuff" happens. There are over 100 arts and crafts vendors, selling their wares. And at the end of Main Street, is the carnival. There is a ferris wheel, kiddie rides, the dunking booth, you name it. This thing rivals the State Fair. And of course, along with the rides, comes....CARNIVAL FOOD! I'm telling you, people, it is NOT GOOD to be able to smell funnel cakes from your front porch. It's even worse to know that I only have to walk 300 yards to get one in my mouth.

There are four stages set up within 1/4 of a mile from our house, where random churches, bands, dance studios, and what-have-yous will perform starting Thursday night until Saturday around midnight. We can hear the music all day, which is really nice. People will be walking down the street in front of our house all day long. It seems the whole town comes together for one weekend, everybody is laughing, waving, visiting their neighbors.

If you all can't tell, I very much look forward to this each year! It gives me such a sense of community, and I just love how "Southern" it is, to be able to see (and smell) everything from the front porch. If you're in town this weekend, please, come on by, get yourself a funnel cake!

Wheelin' and Dealin' at CVS

I haven't made any posts lately about couponing. I haven't stopped, I just suppose the "newness" of couponing and the thrill of a bargain has sort of worn off. I'm still at it!
It was a good day for me at CVS! I only spent $11.98 out of pocket, and here's what I got, and how I got it...

THREE 12-packs of Coke 3/$12
SIX 2-liters of Coke & Sprite 6/$8
Spend $20 on Coke, get $10 Extra Bucks

So, I got the above Cokes, for $20. I had $10 in extra bucks left from last week's deal, which brought my total to $10. For all that Coke! Plus, on my receipt, the next $10 Extra Bucks printed out! Which I rolled into...

THREE boxes Nutri-Grain bars 3/$10
TWO Colgate toothpaste $2.99 ea
Spend $10 on Nutri-Grain, get $5 Extra Bucks
Get $2.00 Extra Bucks for each Colgate
-$1.00 off Colgate toothpaste, times two
-$10 Extra Bucks

Grand total for the Nutri-Grain and Toothpaste? $1.98
AND received $9.00 in extra bucks for next week.

**Note: It seems we have a Coke addiction. We do like Coke, but we don't buy it often. This deal was definately worth it, plus, we're having a big cookout this weekend...more to come on that later! Just wanted to clarify that we aren't Coke addicts.