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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree

We've already decorated the house for Christmas! It's tradition in our family to wait until after Thanksgiving, just out of respect for the turkey, I suppose. However, we don't wait long...usually we wake up the morning after and begin! This year, however, begins a new era of decorating. Last year Andrew wasn't walking or crawling, so we didn't have any issues with the tree. Maybe a few presents got unwrapped pre-Dec. 25th, but no big deal. We decided to try a new idea...

We put a tree in his room, just for him. It's a little 5-footer, a scrawny little thing. He put his ornaments on it, mostly stars and bells. He's allowed to play with those ornaments, take them off, put them on, etc. But the big tree is off limits. So far, it's working. However, that little tree in his room has been 'felled' about three times! We have to figure out how to anchor it to the wall or floor so it won't keep falling!! I'd rather that little tree fall on him than the big one though, so we're going to count blessings on this one!

Here is a RARE picture of mommy with her boy....we've got buckets of pictures with daddy, but a handful with me. You mothers know exactly what I'm talking about! Like men don't know how to use a camera...

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