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Saturday, February 21, 2009

With Spring Comes Change

We're starting to see the signs of spring here at home. The daffodils and leucojum (pictured) are up, cherries are blooming (a bit early, though) as well as our peach trees. It's nice to see that it's just around the corner. I'm not very much of a winter person. I get cold easily, and it's typically too cold to be outside much during the winter season. Spring, summer, and fall are very fun, happy times in our family. We spend most of our time outside, playing, walking, hiking, camping, name it. We feel it is essential to instill a love and respect of nature in Andrew. We also believe that we are stewards of the earth, and have a spiritual obligation to protect and conserve this beautiful planet that God created. How can you not look at the wonders of nature and not believe that God exists?

Spring holds a lot of wonderful surprises and experiences for us this year. We've just gotten word that we have serious interest in our house and may be expecting an offer next week! There just might be a move in store for us in the next few months! We're sad to leave this house, but excited at future possibilities. We've settled quite well here. But I remind myself constantly that a house is just a 'thing,' and it's the family that makes it special.

We're also very excited that our Total Money Makeover is progressing very nicely! We're greatly encouraged by family and friends that have either done it or are doing it. It helps to see real-life success stories! We were blessed to get an unexpectedly large tax refund this year, which went a loooong way towards our debt snowball. And with buying a new house on the horizon, it does wonders to our credit ratings. We have very near-perfect credit, but wish we didn't have some of the debt we do. However, it is shrinking as we speak!

We can't wait to share with you the excitement (and sadness) over our move! Hopefully sometime in the next week we'll have good news to share!


Jessica Harman said...

that's great news Jenny!

Pogue Family said...

Fantastic news on the house! I enjoyed reading about the beginnings of spring in SC. We were outside working in the yard yesterday and today there is an inch of snow on the ground~ huh! Your words help keep me positive and looking forward!