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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Snow? S'no snow here.

We didn't receive a single flake of snow. Well, not a single flake that stuck around. It snowed for about 30 minutes , just long enough for us (well, mainly me) to get excited and think, "well, maybe it will be a big storm after all!" And then that was the end of it. I had such grand visions in my head as to what the yard would look like, what Duke and May (the pets) would do, and mostly what Andrew would think of it. They were predicting 3-5" inches for us, which is pretty significant. And we got zilch. So you can imagine how disappointed I was, and it really put me in a mood. I had to turn the T.V. off so I wouldn't see how much snow everyone else got. I mean I got really bitter!

And then I realized, I was envious. I wanted that snow, and I was pouting because God didn't give it to me, He gave it to everyone else. I forced myself to realize that, okay, we didn't get snow. Big Deal! It's cold, wet, and the dog would track it all over the house (and extract possibly a few explicit words). Andrew probably wouldn't have liked being cold and wet anyways. And I also didn't want the snow/ice to hurt the peach blossoms. So maybe God realized (before I did) that I didn't need, or really even want, the snow. I mean here I was, just last week (and just last blog post) complaining about winter and praying for the quick appearance of spring and warmth.

It's typical human nature, I suppose. Get fixated on one thing, then the next new, shiny thing comes along and it becomes your new obsession. And throughout, God is faithful and delivers on what He knows you truly desire. I really am wholeheartedly looking forward to warmer weather. There's so many wonderful things that happen once the spring and summer arrive. We spend much more time together as a family, participating in all sorts of outdoor activities. We plan, plant, and nurture our garden, and reap the benefits. We travel, go camping, hiking, and immerse ourselves in the beautiful world God created just for us. There are so many more "teachable moments" that I have with Andrew when we're outside or travelling. All in all, I feel like a better wife, a better mother, and a happier person in general when it's warm. (And to think I lived in Alaska for a few years...I shudder at the thought now!)

So I'm "over" the fact we didn't get snow. God knew I didn't really want it. And God has much greater things in store. In fact, I'm very much looking forward to the 75 degree weekend we have coming up!

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