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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Gazelle Intense, Vol. II

It's high time for another Total Money Makeover update! It's been three and a half months since Brian and I made the commitment to get out of debt. We're following Dave Ramsey's guidelines, from his book (Total Money Makeover). I have friends and family that either have done it (successfully!) or are currently doing it, so it's nice to have a 'network' of fellow gazelles. So, for the update:
  • We've paid off FOUR medical bills, totalling around $1,000. We're not a sick family, we just apparently like to have surgery. Last year Andrew and I both had surgery, and Brian the year before that (which we were still paying off!)
  • We've paid off and CLOSED a credit card! Only one card left.
  • For the one remaining credit card, we've payed it down almost $2,000. Almost there! This one we'll pay off, but will keep open.
  • We have been able to stock away $1,000 (in addition to Dave's $1,000 emergency fund). It's a good thing, too, because it looks like we need a new roof.

We're extremely proud of ourselves, and thankful to the Lord for allowing all of this to happen. Like I've said in my other "gazelle" posts, we haven't gotten a raise, no extra jobs, we've just learned to manage what we've got, learned to budget (and coupon!), and most importantly, learned the difference between 'need' and 'want.'

As soon as that last credit card has been 'put down' as Brian and I like to say, we'll be diligently paying off my car, which should only take a few months with the snowball (the accumulation of payments to other previously paid-off debts). Then it's on to my student loan, Brian's car, then Brian's student loan!

I continue to encourage all you others out there on this similar walk of life. You can do it, we can do it! We ARE doing it!


Pogue Family said...

Way to go!! Just wanted to let you know we are cheering you guys on every step of the way from Virginia!

LB said...

Jenny, I am catching up on your blog. Did you know that we are in the process of "Total Money Makeover?" It has been a slow process for us, but it looks like the debt snowball is finally about to start rolling. I love reading about other people who are doing the same thing as us. We love Dave Ramsey!!