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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Oh Play Me Some Mountain Music

Last weekend we had the good fortune of renting a beautiful cabin in Spruce Pine, NC...for $50 a night! Spruce Pine is right near Grandfather Mountain, Boone, and Asheville, but it is waaayyy up in the mountains! My parents drove up from Atlanta to meet us there. We spent the weekend there, even though it rained pretty much until it was time to leave. However Sunday morning we woke up to see a crystal clear, sunny day! At least we got to enjoy the views and sunshine for a few hours before we had to head home. The first few pictures are of the cabin (I should say house, it was 3 bedrooms with a basement), and then the views from the porch.

We're cute, aren't we? Let me know if you find my upper lip, I seemed to have lost it.

The community had a nice little greenspace with a waterfall that we could drive down to. Andrew was so amazed by it, and quickly proceeded to throw rocks into the pool. Give the boy a rock, and he's happy.

In order to actually GET to this waterfall we had to ford (yes, ford) a river four (yes, four) times (eah way!) in the Jeep. I think Brian was secretly enjoying it, he got to use the four wheel drive, finally! Andrew loved it when we had to cross the streams, he kept saying "more more!"

On the way back home, we went to nearby Mt. Mitchell, which is the highest point east of the Mississippi. Andrew was closer to the sun than he has ever been in his whole life. A feat not many 2 year olds can claim. However, he was so uninterested. Maybe it was the altitude? Then his luck changed...there, in the middle of a picnic shelter, was a huge puddle of water. And leading to that shelter was a path of, you guesed it...ROCKS! So, here we are, highest point in the East, and he's throwing rocks in a puddle. Nana invented a game where we all had to line up with two (and only two) rocks each, and Andrew would say "Go!" Then we all had to throw our rocks in at the same time. Whatever keeps the boy happy....

And one last picture for laughs. Here's Andy riding a goose door-stopper that was in the cabin. My lil' cowboy!

Disclaimer--- The Manley household used no (NONE) GPS hand held devices during the duration of this trip. However, the Hargraves household used two (TWO) devices (for the same car). My mom and dad each have a GPS, and they use them at the same time, in the same car. They set the directions and let their GPS's "race" to the destination. I guess when you reach a certain age you gotta get your kicks however you can. Love you, Mom and Dad.

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