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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Welcome, Spring!

We're so glad spring is here (or almost here). We're loving this warm, beautiful weather we've had these last few days. We went to the zoo Saturday, washed both the cars, and worked in the yard!
Andrew really enjoyed the zoo. We've been countless times, but he's just now at the age to appreciate what he's seeing (and actually physically SEE it). Here are a few zoo pictures:
He was very excited about the bears! They were both on exhibit, and were, you guessed it, rasslin'!
Daddy and Andrew cheesin' it up in front of the baboons.When we got home, we washed both the cars! I guess daddy just wanted a nice, clean car for all the pollen to stick to. Of course, all that zooing around town can wear a boy out. So we had an Oreo cookie break on the steps while daddy got the cars ready. Notice he's sporting a choco-stache' in the car-washing pictures :) Andrew really wanted to 'help' wash the cars, so I gave him his own sponge. He went to town...

After all that, we planted a few pansies in the front yard to spruce up the porch. After all, the house is on the market, and flowers are an 'investment', right? Hopefully I won't get carried away and put a $200 flower 'investment' in the yard this year... :) We don't have any flower-planting pictures, we were all too dirty to hold the camera. But he did learn how to put the flower in the hole, cover it up, and give it some water! Gotta start 'em young!

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