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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Calling All Advice

Ok, all you moms, young and old, I need some advice! We need to get Andrew off the 'paci.' He only gets it in the bed, and no other time. He's two and a half years old, and we think it's time to give it up for good. He falls asleep without his paci when he's in the car, so we know he can do it.

Brian and I think that we should just go cold-turkey, and cut it out completely. But, should we take it away at nap time, and give it to him at night? I think it'll only confuse him if he can't have it at nap but he can have it at night, which is why I think cold-turkey is the way to go.

On the other hand, I've heard family and friends tell me of how they cut the nipple part of the paci, so that it was "broken" and the child couldn't use it, and therefore the child made the decision to give it up. Does this really work?

Any and all advice would be appreciated!!


Jennifer said...

Sorry, I've got nothing. Avery sucks her thumb, which is an issue we may have to deal with later.

Pogue Family said...

I don't have any advice~ just wanted to wish you luck with the pacifier! I've also heard of parents cutting it, but I obviously haven't had any experience with it myself yet :-)

Heather said...

I have also heard of cutting the paci. That might be the best since he is older. Also, my mom went cold turkey with me, and said I was over it in two days. I hear if you go cold turkey, to give them something else as a "lovey" a week or so before so they can have that for their insecurity over losing the paci. Let me know how it goes...We gotta get to that point soon too! Love Ya!

Judith said...

With our oldest, we "weaned" him at 20 months from the paci. First couple days, we took it away during the day, then at naptime ( I would give him a book to look at instead or he could pick 1 toy.), then we took it away at church ( I felt bad for the nursery workers! so we postponed that one!), then at night. It took about a week. We really could have done it quicker, but I was a softy. Luckily, my husband was ready for him to be done with it, so he didn't give in. We made sure they were ALL put up and out of reach & sight. We got lucky with our 2nd, he got rid of it on his own at 9 months! Good luck! :)

Dara said...

Howdy..just was checking your blog and saw this old post..thought I would share what we did with Stella and might work for you too. Anyway..with both girls they were like Andrew and only got it at nap and bedtime. I don't remember when but during the bedtime routine we started out giving the pacifier to them when we sat with them to read books...eventually we noticed they didn't care if we "forgot" to give it to them while reading and we would wait until they asked for it. One night Stella didn't ask for it so we didn't give it to her. She went to sleep without it but woke up in the middle of the night wanting it. I gave it to her and she went back to sleep. The next night again she didn't ask for it so we didn't give it..and she slept all night. I know we got off so easy and it worked with both girls..who knows it may work for ask me again in a year and we'll see how Elsa is doing (since she's only 9 months)

Misty Capley said...

My mom had the same problem with me when I was little. So, she told me that I was too big for a paci and that our family dog really might need it more. So, I didn't want to deprive the dog of the comfort of my paci, so I threw it into the pen where we kept her and that was that. I guess my mom took advantage of my weak spot. Does Andrew have one that you could use that way?