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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Isle O' Palms

Walking with Mimi and Terry

This weekend we decided to take an impromptu trip down to Charleston with Brian's mom, Debra, his sister, Katelin, and Debra's fiance, Terry. We drove down Friday night to spend the night and the whole day Saturday. The last time we took Andrew to the beach in Charleston, he was six months old. We thought it was high time for him to check it out again, now that he's mobile, and can communicate, play, etc.

Dinner at Shem Creek

Collecting shells and mud...

Saturday morning we went to Isle of Palms to play on the beach for a bit, before the 104 degree heat was supposed to descend upon us. Andrew wasn't too keen on the ocean (which, in truthfulness, is more than a bit frightening for a small child!) But he really enjoyed digging for shells and playing in the small tidal pools. After an hour, he decided he was done. Thank goodness, I was done too!!

The highlight of the day was the boat ride we took across the harbor over to Mt Pleasant. Within five minutes of leaving the dock, we saw no less (and probably far more) than 30 dolphins! We even saw one dolphin with a calf! Andrew just loved it, they came right up to the boat, you could even hear them blowing. The rest of the trip Andrew would point at the water and scream "WHALE!" and then point out a Mommy, a Daddy, and a Baby 'whale' to us. Watching pelicans dive into the ocean was of utmost entertainment also!

Shark!!! No, just dolphin!

Riding with Mommy on the boat

So thanks, Mimi, Terry, and Kate, for a nice, quick little vacation!


Jessica said...

fun!! That's a cute picture of you two!!

LB said...

hey, I haven't commented on any of your comments b/c I didn't want to reveal any info. Just wanted you to know that I am not ignoring you;) and that I am excited.