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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Name Game

What started out as a fun little comment on Facebook about baby names has led me to write this post. I had stated that picking a boy name was much harder (for us, at least) than choosing a girl name. We had pretty much even decided on a girl name before we had even gotten pregnant! In my opinion there are just more girl names out there. You gotta get creative with the boys, without being weird and out there.

I thought it'd be neat to see what y'all thought about some of these names. Keep in mind, this list seems very long, but we have a long time to decide, and I'm a very thorough person. I want to make sure the name is one I like, as well as one I think the little one will like at all stages of his/her life.

First, the criteria. And by criteria, I mean things that I'd like, not things that I have to have. I'd really prefer a family name. And I'd also like it to be Biblical. It can't be 'trendy' or have silly nicknames, and the initials cannot spell or insinuate anything that might cause teasing later in life. Easy, right? Psh.

So, on with it. Here is our not-so-short list of names, boy and girl. The ones we're leaning towards the most are at the top, and goes down in preference. The names are all eligible for first and middle names! (And I do realize that a few of the names meet none of the above criteria, but there needs to be a few in there to eliminate early on...)
































It's hard to choose, because I like so many of them. I suppose I'll just have to keep having babies so I can use all the names. Hah.
I'd love any input! It's sort-of fun thinking about this lately, it helps keep my mind of the nausea. Which, by the way, has gotten much, much better but is still lurking around. I'm hoping by the end of next week it'll be gone...that's when I hit the magical 12 week mark. I'll have to post a belly picture soon. I can't believe how quickly this little squirt popped out. I think I was this big with Andrew at four months, and I'm only 11 weeks!


Gormangirl said...

Hey girl! I thought I would contribute yet another comment aside from the ones on facebook! We are thinking of a lot of the same names for little boys! If I had it my way we would be having a Micah, but Matt as a bad association with that name from high school! However, the ones that keep resurfacing are Luke, Noah, Andrew & Owen. I don't think you can go wrong with any of the names you listed! Good luck in deciding! Will you find out if it is a boy or a girl beforehand or wait until the birth day? HOpe you continue to feel better!

Dara said...

Hi Jenny..oh what fun..names..I loved and got a little stressed when choosing names and would start pretty much the second I knew I was pregnant cause it takes me that long to decide;)
So for your boy names I love Noah and Oliver..oh and I agree boys are harder to find the right name...maybe that's why I have three girls;)
So I thought it was interesting you have two of my favorite and almost first names on your girl list...Mae...Elsa was going to be a Mae but we couldn't find a middle name we liked that sounded right so Elsa became the first and Mae is her love it!!
And Grace...I love love but felt there were alot of Graces around so we made it Ruby's middle name..
Good luck!! -Dara

Pogue Family said...

You have so many names that I love! I liked Noah, Owen, Elliott, and Reed but I lOved Oliver! Blake wanted Oscar, and we almost went with Oliver as a compromise. It will be in the running for baby #2 (awhile down the road!) Oh so many great girl's names too! I know several absolutely wonderful women named Emily. My other favorites from your list would be Grace, Ruth and Claire. But they are all lovely~ I agree with your other posters in that I don't think you can go wrong with any of the names on your list :-) Can't wait to hear what you've chosen!

johnston5in5 said...

We like Leah (obviously) for a girl and Abigail was going to be Alex's name if he was a girl. I also like Emily and Jane. For a boy, Luke is Sam's middle name and we wished we had saved it for a first name. I also like Zachary and Timothy. It was hard for us to agree on any names. Heath usually likes one name and that is it. Have fun choosing!

LB said...

that's so funny b/c Scott and I have a boy name picked out, but we cannot agree on a girl name. We go over it all of the time, and we get no where with it. I like all of your choices.