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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Andrew's Christmas for $16!

Last night Brian and I did all of Andrew's Christmas shopping. From the couch, in our PJ's, with Andrew in the room with us. And it only cost us $16. How? and Swagbucks!

Here's a look at what the little man is getting under the tree this year:

Buzz Lightyear!


Read Aloud Bible Stories

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Storybook DVD

Max & Ruby Book w/Flashcards

PlayDoh Burger Builder

And a previously purchased Toy Story book with sounds.
And, we got it all (minus the Toy Story book) for $16! Tell me that ain't the deal! Here's how it worked out. We're avid users of the internet. Between being informed consumers, parents of a toddler, and pregnant, we use the internet to research every little thing. Instead of using Google, we use Swagbucks. It works...exactly...the...same. The Swagbucks search engine is even POWERED by Google! Except, Swagbucks rewards you for searching, and Google does not. The more you search, the more chances you have to win a 'buck'. After accumulating enough bucks, you can trade them in for gift cards! We had accumulated enough bucks from searching to cash in for $65 of Amazon gift cards! It's so simple, y'all, it's silly not to do it. Especially if you use the internet to search anyways, why not get rewarded?
Interested now? Good! Click on this link to sign up, all you need is your name and address, and email. You don't give out any other info.

And here's a bonus: for every referral you make, for example, if you got one of your friends to sign up under you (like I'm trying to do here...) you get matching Swagbucks until they reach 100! So if my friend Betty signs up using my referral link, I'll get 100 Swagbucks (over time). Which, to me, translates to $10 in Amazon money ($5 Amazon card is 45 Swagbucks).

Check it out, get rewarded for doing something you probably already do!

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Anonymous said...

okay Jenny, I used your referal and signed up. I didn't know about that, you have great tips. We continue to try to be better spenders. Our tip is phone service. We tried magic jack but it has horrible quality. Ooma is a $200 flat fee, great quality, and no more payments besides the device. We have a emergency only pay by minute cell phone but we don't ever use it. Only $100 a year. We have high speed internet and $11 tv cable for a total of $45 a month. Love to hear more graet tips! Did you get the package?