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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Christmas Pictures

Well, we didn't take very many pictures on Christmas day. I didn't want to miss any of Andrew's excitement by hiding behind a camera. I did take a few at the start of the morning when he first came into the living room to see his presents. He was a little groggy in the beginning, dragging his Curious George along for the ride, but once he saw the pile of gifts he started to perk up.

It was a bittersweet little morning, knowing that next Christmas we'd have a 10 month old to share Christmast with. It was our last Andrew-only Christmas, so we tried to relish in it. But next year should be double the fun! Looking forward to it!

Brian's mom, sister, and step-dad came down for the day. Andrew was much more animated by the time they got here, having eaten breakfast and had his usual dose of morning cartoons. He was all about showing off his presents from Santa, and even talked Mimi into reading him his Toy Story book. You'll have to excuse the nose-picking, it's his new "thing" he does...

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