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Sunday, December 27, 2009

A Few Christmas Eve Pictures

Here are a few pictures we took after church on Christmas Eve. Andrew looked so cute in his sweater vest that I wanted some pictures. My silly little husband practically ran from the car to the closet to put his pajamas on, so there are no pictures of him, just Andrew and me!

I'd just like to say, that yes, I know, I'm huge. I've been telling y'all, but no one believes me. And I still have at least 5 weeks to go...Poor little Andrew, you can hardly see him back there.


Gormangirl said...

Oh my goodness! I can't believe how grown up Andrew looks! What a cutie! You are looking great to! Only a few more weeks! I'm excited for you girl!

Sarah and Phil said...

Your Andrew is soooo handsome! I can't believe how old he looks! And you look GREAT Jenny!

Pogue Family said...

Wow, Andrew looks so grown up! He really is a handsome little man. I love the glow in your eyes Jenny~ you look so happy :) I agree with the previous comments; you look great.

LB said...

Jenny--you look great:) Do you feel like you waddle around, though? I promise every where I walk, I feel like I can hardly propel myself forward, and getting up out of a lying or sitting position is nearly impossible. We are so close!!!! Soon, we will be holding these babies in our arms instead of our tummies.

Anonymous said...

He looks just like you Jenny, such a cutie, can't wait to see your little girl!