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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Friday, December 4, 2009

A Couple of Random Photos

I wasn't sure where to throw these pictures in, so I'll just put them all together here.
The first is of my little Thanksgiving Indian. In his skivvies. Since we're 99.9% potty trained (can I get an Amen?) when we're home, his typical outfit is a pair of underwear and a Hanes t-shirt. He looks so much like a little boy wearing this, it always makes me grin. I can't say what a blessing it is that he goes potty now. He doesn't even want help! If I make a move toward the bathroom when he's in there I get a "Nooo!" and a big fat 'talk-to-the-hand.' Which, really, is fine with me.

The next picture is Andrew and Brian reading bedtime stories together in Andrew's big boy bed. He's been in this bed for about six weeks now. And talk about an easy transition. It's so nice for all three of us to be able to lay together and read in the evenings. I liked this picture because of the way Andrew has his hands behind his head...chillin'.

This last photo is Andrew wearing his Elmo hat & gloves set. He wears this in the house, all day, sometimes without any other stitch of clothing on. He even wore his Elmo gloves to church one day. Whatever, you choose your battles, right?!

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