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Friday, December 4, 2009

O Christmas Tree

We've put up our Christmas decorations! I just love the way it makes my house feel and look. I feel so cozy and warm when there are lots of twinkling lights throughout the house. I just want to snuggle on the couch with a blanket and two cute boys (and a tiny baby girl, but she's snuggling with me in a different way right now!)
Our Christmas tree is in the living room/den this year, since the old family room has been remodeled and converted into Andrew's bedroom. Putting up the actual tree took about oh, 3 minutes! We bought this 7 foot, pre-lit artificial tree three years ago at an after-Christmas sale for $25! It's in two pieces, and you just plug it in, and fluff up the branches. Done.
Andrew was really into putting the ornaments on this year. In fact, he felt that every. single. ornament needed to be on the same branch. So, ever so discreetly, Brian or I would go behind him and move a few to other areas.

In keeping with my family tradition, Brian hoisted Andrew up to put the Angel on the top. Here's a little background on the Angel. My grandmother made that Angel when I was (Mom, help me out...) two or three? And it became a tradition that every year my daddy would pick me up to put the Angel on top. And so, in a box somewhere, we have at minimum 23 pictures of daddy picking me up with the same Angel. When Andrew was born, we passed the tradition on to him. The first Christmas he was only 6 weeks old, so he lucked out on the labor part, but Brian still held him up there for the photo op. The Angel isn't the most beautiful tree topper, but it was made with love and is being honored year after year on the family tree!


Anonymous said...

so nice he is potty trained when the next baby arrives! We had our 1st 3 in diapers at the same time. Brianna was the oldest of 3 and she had just turned 2. I can't wait to have just 1 in diapers!

Nana said...

Jen, I think Grandma made the Angel for us when you were 5 or 6. However, you have been placing angels on our Christmas trees since you were 2 years old.

I am happy that Andrew is continuing the tradition.