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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Friday, December 4, 2009

Happy Birthday, Andrew!

I'm a bit behind in posting. I've been so tired lately that when I feel like a have a few minutes, all I want to do is sit down and close my little eyes. I suppose it's the 3rd trimester sleepies sneaking up on me.
November 13 was Andrew's THIRD birthday! How that happened is beyond me. Last time I checked he was a little baby bouncing in his exersaucer. But, lo, now he's three, and there ain't a thang I can do about it.
Brian has been working horrendous hours at work for the past six weeks, which includes him working weekends (but having Tuesday and Wednesday off), so having a birthday party for Andrew was sort of out of the question. I didn't feel like I could do all the cooking, baking, and hosting by myself at 26 weeks pregnant, so we opted to just celebrate with the three of us. And besides that, Andrew didn't even notice we didn't have a party, he was quite happy to have his daddy home with him!
I made a cake that evening, and let Andrew put the sprinkles on. I thought he would take a handful and throw them down on the cake, but instead he took individual little sprinkles and placed them strategically around the whole top of the cake. After several minutes of this, Brian stepped in to help speed up the process.

He enjoyed his presents from his Mommy & Daddy, too! A new Mr Potato Head, and new book, and some blocks were just what he wanted!

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Pogue Family said...

It sounds like a wonderful birthday celebration. You look great Jenny~ you're a very cute pregnant lady!