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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Nursing Out of House and Home

***Warning for all the fathers, fathers in law, and any other male that might read this blog: the words breast, boob, nipple, latch, pump, and milk will be used repeatedly. If this makes you squirm, don't read any further, just skim to the pictures :)****
So, we have a champion eater on our hands. For everything Andrew was when he was 3 weeks old, Emily is the opposite. Exact opposite. For instance, she sleeps. Soundly, and alot. Second, she's easy to PUT to sleep. Third, she nurses. Very very well. A lot. She latched on from the beginning and hasn't let go.
In fact, this baby girl, at 3 weeks old, eats 4 OUNCES. I know this because I pump twice during the day and give it to her in a bottle. I think it's important that she know how to drink from a bottle and the boob, in case there's ever an instance that I'm not there to feed her. So, this is how I know that she eats 4 ounces. At 3 weeks old. I do recall Andrew eating 4 ounces (of formula, I might say) at 3 MONTHS old. I am just simply astounded that she eats this much. I'm pumping 4 ounces out of each breast. And I think to myself, "If the boobs are this heavy and full at 3 weeks of age, what's it going to be like when she's eating 6 or 8 ounces down the road?!"
The nursing did not start off well on my end, so I never even thought I would make it this far nursing. She did fine, it was my poor little nipples that were taking a beating. Apparently redheads in general have a more difficult time nursing. It has something to do with our very sensitive skin. So, one week into nursing I had (TMI warning) scabs on my little nipples and would just about scream everytime she nursed. Which is why I brought out the breast pump so early in the game, to give the girls a break. While the nipples are better now, it's still painful to nurse her, but I just go to my 'happy place' and we get through it. Somehow I don't think this is normal, this pain & discomfort, but I'm determined to meet my goal of nursing for 6 weeks. After that, I can either make a new goal, or I can strictly pump. Formula is my last option. Andrew had formula from the second week he was alive, and he's fine...growing, learning, healthy. But I wanted to stick with the breastfeeding this time.
She's been drinking out of a 3.5 ounce bottle up until today. We went out to eat with friends Friday night and I went in to Target to get some bigger bottles (the ones we have are only 3.5 ounces). It was time for her to eat, so I just pumped in the car and let Brian feed her while I went in. I bought a set of 4 ounce bottles. I got back out the car, and Brian said, "She just drank 4 ounces." So I turned on my heels and went right back into Target to swap the bottles for 8 ounce size. Geesh, kid. We're definitely going to be ready right at 4 months to start rice & some foods. Because I can't imagine making enough milk for her to eat!!
The upside of her eating so much is that she goes a little longer between feedings. Just last night she went for a 4.5 hour stretch. And during the day, she goes about 3 hours, sometimes longer. And I do believe she has reached the 10 pound mark. Andrew was 10 pounds at his two month well visit!!

Anyways, here's a picture of my big girl and her daddy, eating from her 8 ounce bottle. And some pictures of the big brother. Lately, he will find my camera, then bring it to wherever I am, and give it to me and say "Cheese!" He loves having his picture taken. So here are a few of those, too.


Dara said...

Good job mama!! Just to give you some encouragement...My nipples were like yours especially after Stella when we were just starting. They have to get toughened up and then they will feel better and that takes a couple of you should be seeing some improvement!! I went through a little toughening up period after all three were born and it was a little uncomfortable.
One other thing that may help (you may already know this stuff)...lansinoh is amazing (and at Target..purple tube) and I would after they were done feeding squeeze a little breast milk out and rub it on my nipple..then let air helps your nipple heal..good luck!!

Liz Brookshire said...

That's great! I'm praying for Nate to be an awesome nurser instead of the little snacker that Anna was. It would be very nice to not have to buy formula :)

sara said...

yay, jenny!!!!!!! yay, emily!!!!! i am so glad things are going well.++

Anonymous said...

So sweet. Looks as if all is going well. I'm nursing lots too. I'm nursing 2 babies, never have done that before. I've always weaned them earlier. My last 3 have never even had a bottle. I gave them all away along with my pump!

Pogue Family said...

Way to go Jenny! Things got SO much easier (soreness, etc.) after a month, but it seems like everyone has a different experience. I love that Andrew is wanting pics taken of him~ he's such a cutie. Congrats on having a one month old little girl too! Emily is beautiful.