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Monday, April 13, 2009


Happy Easter, everyone! We had a lovely day yesterday. Brian's mom, Debra, and her fiance' Terry came down from Laurens to go to church with us and have an Easter Sunday lunch. We had a little egg hunt for Andrew before church. Actually, we had two! It turns out that Andrew absolutely loved hunting the eggs. So, after he found them all in the first round, he took all the eggs out of his basket, threw them all out on the ground, and "found" them again! I'm definately not going to put the eggs up 'til next year...if he loves that game so much, we'll hunt eggs year-round :)

We went to church after the double-egg-hunt. What a lovely service! It was a message-through-music presentation. The Methodist church down the street and our Baptist church joined their choirs to do a big muscial presentation.. (Yes, Methodists and Baptists came together in the same church!) Our choir went to the Methodist church for the 10 am service, and then they all came to our church for the 11 am service. It was so nice! We sang some of my favorite hymns, which was very moving.

Andrew was quite the stud! He wore an outfit handed down from my cousin Jackson (who is 13 months older than Andrew). Pretty much anything Andrew wears belonged to Jackson at some point in time. He had on khaki pants, a white polo shirt, and the cutest plaid jacket ever. It almost hurt to look at him, because he looked so grown up. It seems every day he is a little bit less of "my baby."

Andrew and his MiMi

We all hope you had a wonderful Easter, celebrating the resurrection of our Lord!

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Courtney Raines said...

Andrew looked so cute on Easter! I read your comment about him being less like your baby and it brought tears to my eyes :) Our boys are growing up and although I know Matthew loves me, it seems like he doesn't "need" me quite as much. The Lord has really blessed us!!