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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

16 Things You Didn't Know

This was a fun little thing I had going around on Facebook. It's a way to get to know random things about your friends! Here it is, republished, for those of you who either don't do Facebook, or haven't read it. I'd love to see what your "16 Things You Didn't Know" look like!

1. I am the only person in my immediate family that has red hair. I hated it with a passion until just recently, when I finally accepted that it wasn't going to turn blonde (oh how I wished I were blonde when I was young!).
2. I have a horrible, horrible self-image. I feel like people stare at me all the time and judge me!3. I am sometimes so insanely empathetic and compassionate that it consumes me! I will cry my lil eyes out if I get to thinking that there might be a stray cat outside that is cold. I used to carry around a bag of dog/cat food in my trunk in case I found an animal that was homeless or hungry.
4. I do not like to watch sci-fi or fantasy movies, I just don't understand why watching the world being taken over by aliens would be entertaining. Isn't reality frightening enough? (One hugely major exception would be the Twilight series.)
5. I am an Army brat; I have lived in/or visted 48 of the 50 states. Hawaii and North Dakota are the two I have not been to. I lived in Alaska for four years.
6. I am secretly glad I had a c-section. The thought of delivering Andrew through the hidey-hole scared the daylights out of me! My next baby (no, not pregnant, just planning) will also be c-section. It's not a fear of pain (I have a very high tolerance, I didn't even fill prescriptions for c-section meds or surgery meds!) but a fear of unknown.
7. I absolutely love to sleep. I would rather sleep than eat or bathe. Not lazy, just looooove sleeping.
8. I am a speed reader. I can read entire novels in 2 or 3 hours, and remember details.I also have a photographic memory of people, mostly just faces but often I remember their names too. 9. I am a neat freak almost to the point of OCD. I probably don't sit down for more than an hour during the whole day because I am cleaning or organizing something. I love to rearrange furniture, and do it about every 3-4 months, just so I can clean underneath it and organize!
10. When I was 9 months old I went down concrete basement stairs in a walker, and fractured my skull!
11. I once went to Montana and worked on a horse ranch, learned to rope, and branded calves. It was the ranch that the Horse Whisperer worked at (yes, the movie). I wore chaps and a cowboy hat and rode horses through the wilderness in the snow. I LOVE my cowboy boots, and I still wear them. Even to Wal-Mart.
12. Re-read number 11, now read this: I am HORRIBLE at riding horses, BAD. And I don't enjoy it. I honest to goodness don't like forcing a horse to wear a saddle and bridle and bit, just for my human riding enjoyment. (Which goes back to #3). I am much happier cleaning out a stall, feeding, and grooming...making life MORE enjoyable for the horse. Oh, how I want to be a cowgirl, and live in a farmhouse in Wyoming, go to the rodeos on Friday night, and sit on my porch and watch the sunset while the kids are playing in the yard. But I don't want to ride the horses!
13. I am extremely frugal. Rarely do I pay full price for anything, especially groceries. I actually have a 3 ring binder with dividers to hold all my coupons. I also make a lot of food from scratch, I buy in bulk at the farmers market, I make my own bread, I can fruits, veggies, and jams with food I grew, and I make a lot of my own gifts like candles and stuff. I even collect fresh eggs from my neighbors, and steal poop from peoples fields around my house for my compost pile!
14. I have an over-active imagination. Sometimes I can imagine things in such minute detail that it feels real to me. For example, I might start thinking about a loved one dying, and will think about it to the point that I cry and feel actual pain.
15. I have helped catch and band three rare hummingbirds in my yard, and I've even gotten to hold them.
16. I was once an extra in a TV show called "I'll Fly Away" when I was in middle school. I was also a model for KMart (or was it Target?) when I was a toddler.

Pass it on!

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