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Sunday, January 25, 2009

My Buddy and Me

While we were at Nana's, Jackson came over for a few days! We're not quite sure what we call Jackson...he's not Andrew's cousin, not uncle, not brother....Let me explain. Jackson is my cousin, but he's three years old. So, Jackson isn't really Andrew's first cousin, so would he be second cousin, maybe removed a time? Who knows...what matters is that Andrew and Jackson are a year apart, so they've got lots in common.

This week we went to Monkey Joe's! It was Andrew's first time, and it was a little overwhelming, he's never been on inflated stuff, so he pretty much just stuck to the edges so he could hold on. He did enjoy driving the school bus with Jackson!

He was very interested in counting the letters and numbers in the toddler area (rather count than play...?...MIT here we come!) He did sorta get the hang of things after he found his "sea legs."

But, he decided he'd had enough...which explains the look of distress!

All this playing sure makes a boy sleepy. So sleepy, in fact, that you fall asleep with a sippy cup in your mouth!

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