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Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Letter to the President

Like many of my friends, I find myself at a loss for words when talking about our new President. I've read many prayers, many letters, and many hate-filled articles, all concerning President Obama. It's been hard for me to find one that fits my feelings, but this one I saw on Shannon's blog says it pretty well.


While I didn't vote for him, it doesn't mean that I will be against everything he says or does. I don't dislike the man, but instead dislike the views. He's a loving husband, and obviously a devoted father. He's just a man doing what he thinks is right, and is providing for his family. Which is more than we can say about a lot of other men out there. I'm not going to be a sore loser and automatically criticize his every move. Just because I don't like what he's doing doesn't mean I can't respect who he is as a man. Everybody has their right to their own opinions and beliefs, and that's what makes this nation great.

However, as a Christian I cannot support a good many of his ideas, beliefs, and motives. As a Christian (and an American) is it my duty to pray for our nation's leader. And like the letter says, pray that President Obama knows that there is only one God here, only one Saviour, and that it's not him, it's the Lord.

So, pray. Pray for the President, his family, and our nation, as we enter a truly remarkable and historical era in history.

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