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Saturday, January 10, 2009

God's Working Here, Quiet Please!

Y'all, let me just tell you that God is blessing us today. And He is working some magic in our lives in ways we can't explain. Here's the story:
Lately I've been really feeling like God's been working in me, turning my heart and putting a desire in me to gain control of our money, and of our house. I've been couponing like crazy, working the sales, and have started Flylady, which has helped me gain control of the house. I've been feeling this desire to be something greater, to do something more, to free myself from the bondage of debt. Jesus himself abhorred debt (He hated those tax-collectors, and so do I!)

A few weeks ago my husband and I decided that we needed to literally type out our budget (before now it was just in our heads-not accurate at all, folks) and treat it as law. We've done great so far, coming in under for each week. Then I checked out Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover from the library. Let's just say I read the entire thing in two sittings. My husband is now almost done with it too. We've decided to make our "budget" into something bigger than we ever thought. We're going to be 100% debt-free. We've pledged to each other to stick to the budget, no exceptions, none whatsoever. We're in this together, we'll suffer together (although so far we really haven't suffered at all, instead we've realized how blessed we are). It's amazing what you learn you can live without when you're working towards a greater goal. Judging by our careful, meticulous calculations, we'll be DEBT-FREE, including, INCLUDING the six years. Can you believe that? Can you imagine how liberating that is? Now I can definately go without that Coke to know that our 30 year mortgage is really only going to be a 9 year mortgage in the end. Wow.
So after we had this big budget pow-wow last night, we decided that instead of trying to upgrade when we move, we should buy a house that costs LESS than the one we have now. Just playing around, we starting looking up houses in an area that we would love to move to, but never thought we could find anything in the price range. We really haven't even looked at houses at all since we've listed our current house, but last night I just started looking. Y'all, in the neighborhood we love, there are at minimum ten houses UNDER our max. price. We can do this. We can be smart with our money, accumulate less debt, and have more cash readily available. This was very encouraging. We were able to go to bed last night with a much lighter heart, and a greater appreciation for money.
Then, to ice the cake, we woke up this morning and went to work in the yard, to do a little 'sprucing up' because the house is on the market. You can never spruce up too much when the house is for sale! As we were loading up a trailer full of stuff to throw away, a realtor called to say someone wanted TO SEE THE HOUSE TODAY! God Almighty. The house has been on the market for three months with no showings. And you tell me that the very week we surrender our money to God and work a budget, and accept the sacrifice (not to mention the very same time I claim control on my life and my house and have my shiny sink)...that very minute we give it all up to the Lord, we have a showing? You cannot tell me that this is not God working in our lives! We had 3 hours notice to show the house, and we worked our tails off for 2hours and 50minutes cleaning. And I do believe the showing went well, though we haven't talked to the agent yet. We can only pray.
It's a real life, personal example that if you let God take control, and trust Him, things WILL happen. He will choose to bless you, and it's far greater a blessing than you would have imagined, but you have to be ready to accept the blessing. I cannot WAIT to see what's in store for us in these next few months. Never before has God been more front and center in our lives!

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