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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Seriously? Seriously!!!

Okay, y'all, I'm gonna make the first negative post in history of this blog. Please, don't hold it against me, in fact, just read, and you'll see why!
I'm really really big into using reusable shopping bags, and I take them everywhere. I refuse to use the plastic bags! They cost too much to make, and cost even more to recycle, so I just plain don't use them. Not to mention I don't have to store them, either.
So, today on my CVS run, I took a bag with me. I gave it to the lady and said, "Here's my bag." I suppose I was being bold and assuming when I thought she understood that I wanted to actually USE the bag.
Here's what I bought:
2 Shampoos
2 Lipsticks
One loaf of bread
One gallon of milk

All which would have EASILY fit in the bag. Here's how she packed it. And Andrew has the appropriate response!!

Yes, folks, she actually packed the cloth bag IN the plastic CVS bag. And then proceeded to put a gallon of milk in a bag of its own. Are you freaking KIDDING ME?! I had to take a picture of it so that all of you would believe me.


Anonymous said...

Jenny! Your too nice! I would have corrected that check out clerk in a hot minute! Did you say anything to her? ~~Ally~~

Jenny said...

I was definately too nice...I didn't say anything. I'm too non-confrontational! Plus, I didn't want to hurt her feelings.

I guess I'll just be WAY more specific next time!

Dara said...

Hey..Classic. I too almost had a similar thing happen to me. I am also obsessed about using my own bags so I have these ones that stuff into themselves and have a hook (Chico bags) so I always have them with me..anyway..I was at Walmart and when I was checking out I pulled out my bag and was like you can use this bag. The lady just stared at me for like a minute and didn't say anything so I was like you can put my stuff in here.. and she still just stared at me.. I was like uh HELLO anybody there. I guess the concept was too hard to I just held the bag open right in front of the walmart bags to make sure she put them in mine...