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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Saturday, January 17, 2009

A Little Boy's Dream

When you are a little boy, your life pretty much revolves around few things: food, Mommy, the dog, and trucks/cars/trains. This little boy absolutely lives and breathes cars, trucks, tractors, and choo-choos. So you can imagine what it would be like when there are no less than four tractors and three dump trucks parked in front of your house!
I came home from the grocery store last Saturday to see a little head peeking out over the windowsill, face pressed to the glass, staring at the street. The street department was doing routine maintenance on our road- scraping the edges, re-digging ditches, the general to-do. Lucky for Andrew, we have over 100 feet of drainage ditch along the front of our house! So you can imagine how he must have felt he won the lottery. All these trucks, at HIS house!

Even Duke got in on the excitement!

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